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Smit Lamnalco takes delivery of last Sanmar LNG proof tug in five-ship series

Towage and marine services provider Smit Lamnalco has taken delivery of the SL Wiggins Island, the fifth and final tug purpose-built at Sanmar Shipyard in Turkey. The tugboats will service three LNG export terminals in the Port of Gladstone on Australia’s east coast. The 80 tonnes bollard pull terminal support escort tug, will now make her way to Australian waters where she will join her sister vessels at the beginning of July.

The first of the five-ship Robert Allan RAstar 3400 series — with modifications, SL Curtis Island, was delivered last December and, since then, SL Quoin Island, SL Boyne Island and SL Heron Island have been commissioned. The Bureau Veritas-classed tugs, are 34 metres long, 14.5 metres wide, have a maximum draft of six metres and have FiFi 1 notation. Powered by a pair of Wärtsilä 8L26 diesel engines, each developing 2,720 kW at 1,000 rpm, the tugs have a bollard pull ahead of 86 tonnes, astern of 80 tonnes and a free-running speed of 15 knots.

SL Curtis Island and SL Quoin Island

State-of-the-art LNG proof tugs

Built specially to assist the berthing and manoeuvring of LNG carriers, close attention to safety has been paramount. The vessels are equipped with gas detectors and gas-tight dampers on all air inlets and outlets. All electric deck equipment including towing winches, navigation lights, outside lights and emergency stop buttons are of explosion-proof design.

The electric gas-tight dampers are remotely controlled by the gas safety system which has two alarm stages – one at 20% lower explosion limit (LEL) and a second at 40% LEL.

“We are delighted with these new terminal service vessels,” comments Frederik Rutgers, Smit Lamnalco’s General Manager in Gladstone. “We are very impressed with the quality of construction and the tugs are performing well. Our Captains report that they have excellent sea-keeping characteristics and are very strong and stable.”

Extensive terminal-specific training programme

Rutgers explains that Smit Lamnalco seafarers have undergone extensive training over a two-year period in preparation for the commissioning of the five new tugs. Port- and vessel-specific models have been used at the Smartship Australia simulator in Brisbane. Pilots, tug captains and about 40 crew have undergone terminal-specific training in a range of different simulated weather states and “what if” emergency response scenarios. Further training has been undertaken on board the vessels, overseen by experienced Training Masters.

So far, one of the three LNG export terminals in Gladstone is operational and the other two are in the final stages of construction. The number of LNG carriers that will call Gladstone is gradually ramping up to an expected one LNG carrier every day for shipment to destinations mostly in Asia.

Close cooperation with the yard

Speaking for the builder Sanmar Shipyard, Project Director Ali Gürün outlines some of the other vessel features. “These vessels represent a truly unique development in terminal escort tug design with many new features. We designed a new user-friendly control system,” he explains, “which uses touchscreen technology to control systems on board the vessel. It is backed up by conventional controls.” The tugs are built in full compliance with Australian Maritime Authority Safety regulations which have detailed engineering and design requirements and are amongst the most demanding in the world.

“The towing winches are powered by two 75kW electrical motors driven by separate frequency drives and inverters to provide full redundancy,” Gürün continues. “These components, together with the dynamic brakes are all water-cooled for safe operation in all weather conditions.”

“It has been a pleasure to build these vessels for Smit Lamnalco and we look forward to continuing our business relationship in the months ahead. We are proud of the quality of our products and our vessels now operate in many regions of the world” Gürün adds.

Smit Lamnalco’s expansion in Australia

For Smit Lamnalco, commissioning of the vessels marks a further expansion of its Australian footprint. Smit Lamnalco operates in 10 locations with 29 tugs and offshore support vessels on the Australian coast.

SL Curtis Island

Download images: sl-curtis-island-and-sl-quoin-island.jpg, sl-curtis-island.jpg


Pacific Basin Sells Harbour Towage Business to Smit Lamnalco

Joint press release from Pacific Basin and Smit Lamnalco

Pacific Basin Shipping Limited (“Pacific Basin”; SEHK: 2343), one of the world’s leading dry bulk shipping companies, and Smit Lamnalco, a leading provider of international terminal towage and marine services to the oil and gas industry, today announced the sale to Smit Lamnalco of:

  • Pacific Basin’s entire shareholding in PB Towage Australia (“PBTA”) (including all its harbour towage operations and 16 harbour tugs); and
  • two additional assets (one harbour tug and one barge) currently owned by other PB companies.

The transaction is expected to complete in January 2015 and will constitute the sale of Pacific Basin’s entire harbour towage assets and activities.

Mats Berglund, CEO of Pacific Basin, said:

“Pacific Basin has been engaged in the harbour towage business since 2007. PB Towage Australia has done a great job for its customers, establishing itself as a leading provider of harbour towage services with a good reputation as a safe and quality-conscious operator. As we have previously stated, however, our strategy is to enhance our focus on our cornerstone dry bulk business.”

“We are happy that, through this agreement with Smit Lamnalco, we are making good progress on our strategy while ensuring the PBTA business and its excellent team can continue to operate as a going concern under the ownership of a highly reputable towage group.”

Tony Cousins, Managing Director of PB Towage Australia, added:

“This is a very welcome development for all employees and clients of PB Towage Australia. Acknowledging the excellent role Pacific Basin has played in establishing a quality harbour operation over the last seven years, Smit Lamnalco now brings the specialist towage capability and coverage necessary to compete on an international scale. We look forward to continuing to develop and grow our Australian business to provide a stable, long term and sustainable towage option to the Australian ports and shipping community.”

Smit Lamnalco CEO Daan Koornneef concludes:

“We are excited by the acquisition of PB Towage Australia, the second largest player in the country, which will enable the expansion of our footprint into Australia. Smit Lamnalco will be active in eight ports in Australia with a total of 29 vessels offering a combination of harbour towage, terminal and FPSO-related services. PBTA and Smit Lamnalco share the same safety, quality and customer-focused values which will ensure a good fit and smooth transition. We look forward to welcoming to our group PBTA’s team of experienced staff and crew, and to offering continued excellent service to PBTA’s customers — current and new.”

Please see Pacific Basin’s disclosable transaction announcement dated 12 December 2014 for further details.

Download press release: pacific-basin-sells-harbour-towage-business-to-smit-lamnalco-12-december-2014.pdf

Smit Lamnalco Liberian localisation programme sees first trainees graduate

Four Liberian crew members have successfully completed Smit Lamnalco’s new training programme on it tugs. Three of the recruits passed their examinations to become certified able seamen and the fourth is now a qualified motorman.

Currently, three more Liberian recruits are following a similar training path and the company hopes to employ more Liberian nationals in the future. 
Smit Lamnalco operates four tugs in Liberia, which assist incoming and departing vessels in the ports of Monrovia and Buchannan. Two are under contract for APM Terminals (APMT) and operate in the port of Monrovia and two tugs work for ArcelorMittal in the port of Buchanan. 
Captain Kish Nambiar, Smit Lamnalco Country Manager Liberia, comments: “It was quite a challenge to embark on this programme initially. Unfortunately, because of the civil war the maritime industry had been decimated. However, with the support of our clients, Smit Lamnalco managed to set up an extensive training programme.”

Client support

“Capacity building is APM Terminals priority so we will continue to invest not only in our employees but also our subcontractors. We are extremely proud of these four seafarers and wish them well in their career. The goal is to have a 100% Liberian crew in our Marine Department,” Noah Sheriff, Commercial Manager, APM Terminals Liberia says.

Extensive training programme

Smit Lamnalco worked very closely with the Liberian Registry and Liberian Maritime Authority to develop a suitable training programme and examinations so the new recruits do not have to travel to Ghana for the courses. An extensive training programme aboard Smit Lamnalco’s tugs is combined with theoretical studies at the Liberian Maritime Training Institute and online tutorials. The trainees’ certificates were officially endorsed by the Liberian Registry.

Great potential

Captain Nambiar adds: “Certainly we believe some of our trainees have the potential to become captains, chief engineers and officers. In 18 months the three latest recruits will become able seamen but they have the capability to go even further.” APMT and ArcelorMittal support this initiative and would like to see it come to fruition.

Commenting on the company’s successful track record in providing local training and development programmes all over the world, Aart van der Wal, Smit Lamnalco Regional Managing Director Africa says: “We ensure development of our people to high skill levels. Our company is fully committed to maximising the local content of our operations. This benefits all stakeholders, as it recognises local networks, culture and society.”

Safeguarding operations

Captain Nambiar concludes: “The obvious challenges of the Ebola outbreak is not deterring Smit Lamnalco from achieving localisation. We are committed to Liberia and are taking all the precautions we can to safeguard our operations and continue our training programmes.”

The new recruits pictured, from left to right: Raymond Akum [Technical Superintendent], Jacob Johnson [AB], Mathias Bernard [Motorman], Noah Sheriff [Commercial Manager APMT], Kish Nambiar [Contract Manager], Anderson Doe [AB] and Alusine Fallah [AB].

Download image: smit-lamnalco-first-trainees-graduate.jpg

Smit Lamnalco assists British ship in fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone

A British ship, the RFA Argus, carrying vital equipment to assist in the fight against Ebola arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone on 30 October. 

Floating hospital

RFA Argus is essentially a ‘floating hospital’, with a state-of-the-art casualty unit. The 18,000 tonnes vessel left Falmouth in Cornwall on 17 October and then travelled to the British naval base in Gibraltar, where it was loaded with cargo and aid, which included 32 off-road vehicles and three Merlin helicopters. Around 750 service personnel are on board.

The local government and port authority asked Smit Lamnalco to ensure the vessel’s safe approach and berthing. 

On completion of the berthing, the Commanding Officer of the RFA Argus, David Eagles, thanked the tug masters for their professional service. The local authorities also expressed their gratitude to Smit Lamnalco and African Minerals for their cooperation and support in the fight against Ebola and for responding to the request for assistance.

Released from duties

David Ferrier, Smit Lamnalco Contract Manager for the African Minerals contract, says: “With the support of our client, African Minerals, the local Smit Lamnalco team and two tugs, the Lamnalco Puma and the SL Serval, were released from their normal duties and allowed to assist in the escort and berthing of the RFA Argus.”

Smit Lamnalco provides marine mining logistics and transshipment solutions to African Minerals to enable them to export iron ore.

Lamnalco Puma escorting and berthing hospital ship RFA Argus.

Download image: smit-lamnalco-puma-escorting-and-berthing-hospital-ship-rfa-argus.jpg

AfrikDelta Marine Limited obtains Category AA rating as 100% Nigerian marine company by purchasing Nigerian flagged tug

Press release issued by our partner ADML

By purchasing its first Nigerian flagged vessel “Afrik Roan”, AfrikDelta Marine Limited (ADML), a leading Nigerian-owned offshore marine company, has entered the next stage of ensuring local compliance in Nigeria. The company has become a Category “AA” rated Nigerian content company as determined by the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board, the highest category of Nigerian content compliance available to Nigerian marine companies.

The Afrik Roan is a line handling tug of Damen Stan Tug 3008 design, with 30 tonnes bollard pull. Designed to support offshore terminal activities such as crude oil tanker berthing, towage, line and floating hose handling, fire-fighting and emergency response, the vessel will operate in support of SPM and FPSO oil export terminals offshore Nigeria.

Compliance to Local Content and Cabotage legislation

“Mid-2013, 100% Nigeria owned AfrikDelta Marine Limited (ADML) was established by the leading Nigerian conglomerate, the Jagal Group. Smit Lamnalco, who has been in operation in Nigeria since 1991, has been contracted to supply technical and vessel management services to ADML,” Rotimi Awopetu, Business Development Manager ADML stresses.   The purchase of Afrik Roan is the next phase in ADML’s plan to increase the level of ownership of its operated assets in Nigeria, to provide compliance to Nigeria’s Local Content and Cabotage legislation. ADML has advanced plans to obtain investment in its vessel fleet to create 50% Nigerian ownership, and seeks the future purchase of more vessels against firm contracts, to cement its position as one of the leading 100% Nigerian offshore marine providers.

Expansion of the fleet

ADML has a current fleet of 10 operated vessels; including Line Handling Tugs, ASD Tugs, AHTS and Multi-Purpose Offshore vessels, between 30 and 90 tonnes bollard pull, some with Dynamic Positioning. This fleet is expected to grow to some 25 vessels by the end of 2015.

The Afrik Roan is a line handling tug of Damen Stan Tug 3008 design, with 30 tonnes bollard pull.

Download image: nigerian-flagged-tug-afrik-roan.jpg

Smit Lamnalco tugs provide vital support for world’s largest HVDC platform transfer and float‐over

Five vessels of Smit Lamnalco, the global marine service provider, played the key role in the unberthing and float‐over of the world’s largest high‐voltage direct current (HVDC) platform, DolWin beta, at Drydocks World ‐ Dubai. The five state of the art escort tugs, with more than a combined 450 tonnes bollard pull power provided marine support not only during the unberthing process but also in the 24‐mile tow offshore and its float‐over on to the heavy transport vessel, Dockwise owned and operated, Mighty Servant 1.

Boskalis Group effort

The 29,000 tonnes semi‐submersible heavy transport vessel, owned by Boskalis subsidiary Dockwise, is capable of transporting some of the world’s largest offshore structures which include the bigger semi‐submersible drilling units and deep‐water jack‐up rigs. In this operation, she was deployed to ship the massive DolWin beta structure to Haugesund in Norway, where the platform will be commissioned prior to deployment in the German North Sea. With a capacity of more than 900 MW, the platform will host power conversion equipment for three offshore wind farms.

“With Boskalis owning 50% of Smit Lamnalco, our group has once again demonstrated and delivered an integrated marine service capability across the widest of clients in the oil and gas industry” said Ian Hugo, the company’s Regional Managing Director Middle East & Indian Subcontinent. “Our tugs and crews delivered the vital role in the safe and efficient un‐berthing and transfer of the DolWin beta, whilst the Mighty Servant 1 waited offshore before the float on and transit to Europe.”

Main particulars

The 15,000 tonnes DolWin beta, is larger than a football field, is 100 metres long, 70 metres wide and stands over 90 metres. The processing power delivered by DolWin beta will be sufficient to light up a city the size of Frankfurt. The DolWin beta platform was built for TenneT by Dubai Drydocks World and was an EPC subcontract between Aibel AS and Drydocks World. The platform has been developed jointly by Aibel and ABB.

Smit Lamnalco tugs provide vital support for world’s largest HVDC platform transfer and float-over

Download video: or

Download image: smit-lamnalco-tugs-provide-vital-support.jpg

Smit Lamnalco calls for collaborative focus on floating gas safety

Marine terminal service company Smit Lamnalco believes it has an important contribution to make as new safety regulations for floating gas terminal facilities are drawn up. Group Business Development Manager Andrew Brown points out that although there is some overlap on safety issues between floating oil and floating gas facilities, there are also important differences.

A robust safety framework is well-established and clearly understood in the floating oil storage and production sector, Brown declares, and the industry is now working on standard operating procedures, safety regulations and emergency response plans for the floating LNG sector.

Keeping the impeccable safety record

But this is a new technology, declares Brown, and it is advancing rapidly. It will enable the harnessing of vast gas reserves in offshore locations which so far have not proved economically viable. There are about 15 projects at various stages of development today but this number could easily double over the course of the next decade.

The industry has an impeccable safety record because of the skill and expertise within the sector, he continues. We must keep it that way.

Smit Lamnalco CEO Daan Koornneef explains that marine service companies like Smit Lamnalco have a key role to play in drawing up the necessary guidelines and procedures. We must be completely confident that our vessels and crews are fit for purpose in the event of an emergency.

Highly trained seafarers

Brown questions whether the industry should consider the possibility of making mandatory a dynamic positioning capability with redundancy (DP2) aboard gas shuttle tankers serving offshore floating gas facilities.

He also believes that as soon as cryogenic tandem transfer technology is sufficiently developed, the industry could move towards cargo transfer in a tandem configuration as opposed to a side-by-side arrangement. This has already been widely adopted in the FPSO sector.

Perhaps most important of all, however, is the urgent need for specialist tailored training for seafarers who are supporting floating gas terminal operations. Brown points out that the operation of specialist marine support vessels in this niche sector will require the very highest calibre of specially trained seafaring personnel.

For more information download the article: smit-lamnalco-highlights-challenges-facing-floating-gas-safety-28-may-2014.pdf

Smit Lamnalco’s first berthing at new Papua New Guinea LNG export terminal

Smit Lamnalco has performed the first berthing at the ExxonMobil Limited-operated PNG LNG Project Marine Terminal near Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. In June 2012 Smit Lamnalco was awarded the 10-year terminal services contract with additional extension options. Following an extensive period of preparation and planning, Smit Lamnalco was fully geared up to berth the first LNG carrier, the Spirit of Hela, when it arrived.

True teamwork

Smit Lamnalco Chief Executive Officer Daan Koornneef said: This reflects the efficiency of our team during the start-up period and shows our strength to provide marine services worldwide. Congratulations on a successful start of the contract. It is gratifying to see that everything came together as a result of great teamwork and fantastic support from all parties involved. Our key priority is operational excellence, providing customers with the services we have promised to deliver to their full satisfaction in a safe and cost-effective way.

Maximising local involvement

Smit Lamnalco is focused on employing Papua New Guineans as part of the company’s crew. The crew will be trained by Smit Lamnalco at the maritime college in Papua New Guinea. “It is our philosophy to have a full national crew within four to five years,” says Smit Lamnalco COO Jan Scheck.

Industry trendsetter

It is Smit Lamnalco’s vision to be ‘best in class’ and to achieve the highest standards possible. Across the entire group Smit Lamnalco adopted the Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment (OVMSA) based management system SLIMS (Smit Lamnalco Integrated Management System) which covers all ship and shore operations delivered by the company. Smit Lamnalco is an industry trendsetter, since its system is fully integrated with the offshore industry’s guidelines.

Smit Lamnalco provides towage and marine support services for LNG carriers at the LNG Plant Marine Terminal with four new 70 tonnes bollard pull 32m ASD tugs: SL Jamba, SL Korowi, SL Logohu and SL Siage.

The PNG LNG Project is an integrated development that includes gas production and processing facilities, onshore and offshore pipelines and liquefaction facilities.

© ExxonMobil PNG Limited — Smit Lamnalco’s vessels were fully geared up to berth the first LNG carrier, the Spirit of Hela, when it arrived at the ExxonMobil Limited-operated PNG LNG Project Marine Terminal near Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Download image: first-berthing-at-new-papua-new-guinea-lng-export-terminal-exxonmobil-png-limited.jpg


Boskalis completes sale of SMIT Gladstone towage operation to Smit Lamnalco

Press release issued by Boskalis

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) has successfully completed the sale of its Australian harbor towage business to its strategic partner Smit Lamnalco. The sale had already been announced in August 2013 as part of a strategic realignment of the towage activities.

Boskalis received USD 55 million in cash for all the outstanding shares in Smit Marine Australia Pty Ltd, the legal entity holding the exclusive harbor towage license in the port of Gladstone, Australia with 6 tug boats included. The transaction was at book value and will not have a material impact on Boskalis earnings.

Shipping activity out of the Port of Gladstone is primarily commodity related with various LNG terminals currently under construction. The nature of these activities fits well within the Oil and Gas industry focus of Smit Lamnalco. These activities will furthermore complement Smit Lamnalco’s forthcoming LNG terminal activities in Papua New Guinea.

Smit Lamnalco is a strategic partnership in which Boskalis is 50% shareholder with the remaining 50% share held by The Rezayat Group of Saudi Arabia.

CCP Smit Tugs

Download image: ccp-smit-tugs.jpg

Smit Lamnalco industry trendsetter through certified OVMSA-based management system

Smit Lamnalco is proud to have achieved full ISO 9001/14001 and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 Certification across the entire company for its new integrated safety management system SLIMS. Where most marine service providers only base their systems on the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and ISO standards, Smit Lamnalco belongs to a select group of industry trendsetters. To this end it embraced ‘Best practice’ in the offshore industry — the Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment (OVMSA) Guidelines.

Distinguish ourselves from competitors

This new system SLIMS (Smit Lamnalco Integrated Management System) encompasses all activities undertaken by Smit Lamnalco both onboard and ashore. Daan Koornneef, Smit Lamnalco Chief Executive Officer says: “We want to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by being ‘best in class’. With a key focus on the offshore midstream sector and an increasing presence in this market, we recognise that it is important to go beyond the ISM and ISO regulations.”

Best practice in the offshore industry

Erik Nuhoff, Smit Lamnalco Group SHE-Q Manager states: “Our system is integrated with the offshore industry’s guidelines and this sets the pace for further improvement.” The OVMSA Guidelines are how the oil majors require ship managers to manage their ships, and were issued for the first time by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) in May 2012. They are not mandatory but if Smit Lamnalco wants to be considered as a preferred supplier, the company must adopt them.

Aligned with our clients

OVMSA has set Key Performance Indicators to assess, measure and improve the management system. The OVMSA Guidelines contain 12 elements, SLIMS is fully aligned and has 12 corresponding chapters.

By adopting these standards Smit Lamnalco belongs to a select group of industry trendsetters, and speaks the same language as its clients. Clients are keen to see the ‘objective evidence’ with several industry majors due to conduct their own audits in the coming months.

[Left to right:] Harry van Leeuwen, Bureau Veritas Lead Auditor presented the certificates to Daan Koornneef, Smit Lamnalco Chief Executive Officer.

Download image: Harry-van-Leeuwen-presented-the-certificates-to-Daan-Koornneef.jpg

Smit Lamnalco and IRSHAD sign two year contract for ‘SL Labuan’

Smit Lamnalco DP2 AHTS vessel ‘SL Labuan’ has been contracted by Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports Operating Company (IRSHAD) for a period of 22 months with further extension options. The vessel will be utilized to support maintenance activities for three Single Point Mooring (SPM) crude oil terminals offshore Fujairah-port, United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Khalifa Al Qubaisi, General Manager IRSHAD says: “The vessel has DP2 capabilities and sufficient deck area which makes the ‘SL Labuan’ ideally suited for such operations. The vessel will also have the ability to support Saturation Diving activities”. The SPM terminals at Fujairah are operated by Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO).

Vivek Seth, Smit Lamnalco Managing Director Middle East & Indian Subcontinent emphasises: “Smit Lamnalco is the leading provider of marine services in the midstream oil & gas segment and is committed to supporting the UAE oil and gas industry since 1963. We are excited to continue to be part of the success story and work with IRSHAD and ADCO in their SPM operations in Fujairah.”

[Left to right:] On 30 September, Vivek Seth, Smit Lamnalco Managing Director Middle East & Indian Subcontinent [left] and Mr. Khalifa Al Qubaisi, General Manager IRSHAD [right] signed the agreement at the opening of Seatrade Middle East Workboats held in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, United Arab Emirates.
‘SL Labuan’

Download images: sl-labuan.jpg, smit-lamnalco-and-irshad-sign-two-year-contract-for-sl-labuan.jpg

Smit Lamnalco sets 14-year Oman milestone without incident

Smit Lamnalco has passed a significant milestone in Oman after celebrating 14-years of continuous marine and offshore support services with no Lost Time Incident (LTI).

The 5,100 day record covers support to Single Point Mooring operations 10 km off Muscat Cove for the Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO). The services, which have run since 1998, are offered by the joint venture with Omani partner Suhail Bahwan Group and Smit Lamnalco.

14 years of zero LTI

Suleiman Al-Maany, PDO Pipeline Infrastructure and Oil Terminal Manager, said: “To reach 14 years of zero LTI is indeed a remarkable achievement.” The occasion was marked by a celebration at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Muscat, attended by key officials from PDO, Suhail Bahwan Group and Smit Lamnalco employees including vessel crews, and other Oil & Gas and Ports industry representatives. The joint venture’s SHE-Q Manager, Abdullah Al Maamari paid tribute to the skills demonstrated by the diving crews supporting PDO’s Single Point Mooring operations. “This record could not have been set without their outstanding efforts,” he said.

Developing local resources

Vivek Seth, Smit Lamnalco Managing Director Middle East & Indian Subcontinent, said: “This milestone is a source of particular pride, given Smit Lamnalco’s continuous commitment to developing excellence locally to match the standards we set across our organisation. Our company is fully committed to maximizing the local content of our operations, nearly 90% of our local employees are Omanis.”

Smit Lamnalco welcomes new vessels in Gabon

A welcoming ceremony was held for two newbuild vessels SL Gabon and SL Libreville at Port-Gentil, Gabon on 17 April.

Among those attending the ceremony were the Minister Delegate of Transport Mr Emmanuel Jean Didier Biye, the Governor of the Ogooué Maritime Province Mr Martin Boguikouma, the Prefect of the Bendjè Department Mr Joseph Mouele, Total Gabon Chief Executive Officer Mr Benoît Chagué and Smit Lamnalco Chief Executive Officer Mr Daan Koornneef.

SL Gabon and SL Libreville have been contracted for a five year period by Total Gabon. The vessels will support offshore oilfield activities and tanker operations at the terminal of Cap Lopez, Port- Gentil.

“The partnership between our two organisations has roots reaching back 30 years,” says Mr Koornneef. “Port-Gentil’s location demands robust and reliable marine support services. We are delighted to bring these two state of the art tugs into service for Total Gabon, signifying our continuing commitment to invest in the future of Gabon.”

Smit Lamnalco now operates five vessels for Total Gabon, has a further four vessels under contract for Shell at its Gamba terminal and manages one vessel for Perenco.

The marine support company praised the performance of its 179 Port-Gentil-based staff, 75% of whom are Gabon nationals. Special mention was made of Master Jean-David Mpaga who has been sailing with the company for over 30 years.


Smit Lamnalco newbuilds to meet Shell Gabon renewal

Smit Lamnalco has renewed its marine support services contract with oil major Shell in Gabon, in a deal that has triggered investment in three auxiliary vessel newbuildings. The five year contract renewal extends an uninterrupted relationship between the marine support specialist and Shell Gabon dating back to the 1990s. It covers support for Shell Gabon’s tanker operations at the remote Gamba Terminal, south of Port Gentil.

“The trust Shell Gabon has in our services has sustained through the 2011 merger of Lamnalco and SMIT Terminals.” says Aart van der Wal, Managing Director Smit Lamnalco Africa.

Three newbuilds ordered

The renewal covers the deployment, crewing and management of four Smit Lamnalco support vessels, with three newbuilds ordered in mid- November to replace existing tonnage. The orders cover one ‘Shoalbuster’ and one Beach Landing Craft from Damen Shipyards, plus one Fast Offshore Crew Boat from UK-based yard and well-known supplier in West Africa Alnmaritec. An existing ‘Shoalrunner’ auxiliary vessel will remain in place.

“Our willingness to invest in new tonnage was clearly a factor in the renewal” says Mr Van der Wal. “It is in line with our strategy to offer one of the youngest and most efficient marine and offshore support fleets in the industry.”

The Shoalbuster is a versatile, multi-purpose vessel for harbour, inland and coastal waters, characterised by high bollard pull and ample deck space. Meanwhile, the manouevrability of the 17m long, 25-knot plus, aluminium-hulled fast response vessel will be conferred by its double chine hull and Rolls-Royce Kamewa FF45 water jets.

Localisation programme

Smit Lamnalco has a locally-registered company in Gabon. The group pursues a localisation strategy in terms of employment, crewing and subcontracting, therefore nearly 75% of the Smit Lamnalco organisation in Gabon is staffed by Gabonese nationals. Earlier this year, Smit Lamnalco signed a five year contract renewal with Total Gabon covering offshore oilfield support and tanker assistance at the onshore terminal of Cap Lopez, Port Gentil.

Boskalis associate secures significant marine operations contract in Iraq

Press release issued by Boskalis

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) announces that its associated company Smit Lamnalco has been awarded a significant annual contract by Petrofac to support Single Point Mooring operations 20 km off the Al Fao Peninsula for the Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project (ICOEEP). The annual contract value is approximately USD 70 million (Boskalis share 50%) and services will commence November 2012.

The Single Point Mooring (SPM) contract covers operations and maintenance of four SPM systems. The contract has an initial duration of one year with two annual extension options resulting in a potential total contract value of USD 200 million. The agreement involves the full scope of maritime support services for the crude oil export facilities.

Boskalis’ strategy is aimed at benefitting from key macro-economic factors which drive worldwide demand in our markets: expansion of the global economy, increase in energy consumption, global population growth and the challenges that go hand in hand with climate change. This project is closely related to the increasing energy consumption for which Boskalis facilitates the global transport of oil and natural gas by providing maritime and terminal services through Smit Lamnalco.

First Smit Lamnalco branded tug launched

On 24 August Smit Lamnalco launched SL Gabon, the first tug branded under its new corporate identity, following the integration of Smit’s terminal handling activities with Lamnalco in July 2011.

Built by Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania, SL Gabon is also the first of two newbuilds contracted for a five year period by Total Gabon to provide support in the offshore oilfields and to assist tanker operations at the onshore terminal of Cap Lopez, at Port Gentil, Gabon. The second tug, SL Libreville, is due for delivery next month.

“It is great that the first newbuild decked with our new corporate colours visualises the integration of two international marine service providers,” said Smit Lamnalco CEO Daan Koornneef.

The newbuilds are Stan Tug 4200-type tugs, rugged twin-screw vessels with 68 tonnes bollard pull. Accommodating a crew of 16 and fully air- conditioned, the vessels can be used for towing, pushing, push-pull, berthing, anchor handling, hydrographical survey, line handling, firefighting, salvage, diving support and pollution control operations in all waters.

Contract renewal

The Total Gabon contract renews a longstanding partnership between the oil major and Smit Lamnalco. The newbuildings replace two older Damen-built vessels, and join the existing tugs Smit Manji and Smit Ozouri, built in 2007. For Total Gabon, the latest renewal extends a relationship in Gabon that can be traced back through SMIT to 1998.

“As well as symbolising the ongoing trust placed in us by our customers through our integration, the delivery confirms our willingness to commit to building new vessels for energy majors operating in promising markets,” said Mr Koornneef. “Given Port Gentil’s remote location, it is critical that marine support services are robust and reliable.”

Localisation programme

Smit Lamnalco operates with a locally-established company Smit Lamnalco Gabon, which reports to the company’s Regional Director. This entity recently relocated to new offices closer to Total Gabon’s logistics base in Port Gentil, to optimise support to Total Gabon.

“We emphasise localisation through partnerships with local companies, employment of local staff, crews and subcontractors,” said Mr Koornneef. “This benefits all stakeholders, as it recognises local networks, culture and circumstances. Gabon is a strong market for Smit Lamnalco and a key location in our long-term partnership with Total to support our customer’s strategic goals in West Africa.”

Boskalis associate Smit Lamnalco signs 10-year terminal services contract

Press release issued by Boskalis

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) announces that its associated company Smit Lamnalco has been awarded a 10-year contract with additional extension options by Esso Highland (a subsidiary of ExxonMobil) for providing terminal services at the Papua New Guinea liquefied natural gas (PNG LNG) export terminal near Port Moresby. The total contract value is USD 120 million (Boskalis share USD 60 million) and services will commence mid-2014.

The PNG LNG export terminal is part of a larger integrated LNG production, processing and liquefaction project which started following the discovery of three major gas field in Papua New Guinea. Both the offshore and onshore infrastructure is currently under construction and expected to be operational in 2014. Smit Lamnalco will provide towage and marine support services for LNG vessels at the terminal for which it will invest in 4 new 65 ton bollard pull tugboats.

The signing of this contract reflects the strength of Smit Lamnalco as a leading provider of terminal services and its success in offering high quality services at competitive terms. With the development of numerous large scale commodity export facilities in Australasia, Smit Lamnalco intends to further expand its global offering of terminal services.

Boskalis’ strategy is aimed at benefitting from key macro-economic factors which drive worldwide demand in our markets: expansion of the global economy, increase in energy consumption, global population growth and the challenges that go hand in hand with climate change. This project is closely related to the increasing energy consumption for which Boskalis facilitates the global transport of oil and natural gas by providing maritime and terminal services through Smit Lamnalco.


Boskalis sells terminal activities to Lamnalco for USD 450 million

Press release issued by Boskalis

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) has reached an agreement with The Rezayat Group of Saudi Arabia (Rezayat) to sell SMIT’s terminal and AHTS transport activities to Lamnalco Ltd (Lamnalco). Boskalis and Rezayat each own a 50% stake in Lamnalco.

Lamnalco will pay approximately USD 450 million for these activities and Boskalis will receive a net cash sum equaling around 75% of this consideration. Lamnalco will acquire all of SMIT’s terminal activities, with the exception of the terminal activities of Rebras (Brazil) and of the joint ventures in Egypt, and Singapore (Keppel-SMIT). In addition Lamnalco will take over eight L-class AHTS vessels from SMIT that are currently part of the SMIT Transport activities. On balance the activities sold represented in 2010 an EBITDA of around USD 55 million.

SMIT Terminals and Lamnalco both hold a leading position in the global market for specialized services to oil and gas terminals. This is a strong growth market, driven by growing global demand for energy, in particular liquefied natural gas (LNG). The combination will create a leading world-class player and an excellent platform for further growth.

The tie-up with Lamnalco will create a resourceful company with a clear focus. Furthermore thanks to its independent structure Lamnalco is able to implement a very efficient capital structure, taking full advantage of the possibilities within the financial markets.

The combination of these two players will create considerable operational and commercial synergies. Currently operating over 50 terminal contracts, the combined entity employs more than 2,000 staff on over 150 vessels and is active in more than 30 countries across five continents. The solid market position was established thanks to the quality and professionalism of the employees. This increase in scale will provide them with ample opportunity for their further personal development.

The transaction is expected to be executed in the second half of 2011, subject to satisfaction of the conditions customary for transactions of this nature. The sale of the SMIT activities is not expected to have a material one-off accounting effect on Boskalis’ 2011 income statement.