Going the extra mile at the end of the world

It doesn’t get more remote than this. Servicing an Exxon Mobil subsidiary SPM in Sakhalin, Russia, we are active in the farthest corner of the world, definitely in the most Eastern Time zone.

It takes two days of traveling and then some to reach to our base in De-Kastri, just to get to where all the action is. Far away from home, our success is determined by character.

Out in the wide open, there’s little room failure. Considering that the nearest dock or service point is two days sailing away, you have to come prepared. More than anywhere, consistent operations in remote locations rest on reliable, fit for purpose equipment and a competent crew. To cope with the harsh, often icy conditions, we have fitted our vessels with extra equipment to minimise risks. Our people, on the other hand, are selected for their toughness from the start.


  • 10 hours' drive to nearest airport 10 hours' drive to nearest airport
  • Temperature ranges from minus 34 till plus 29 degrees Celsius Temperature ranges from minus 34 till plus 29 degrees Celsius

Self reliant team players

Working in the Far East of Russia is not for the fainthearted. Not everybody can handle the long days and the demanding work tempo, let alone the isolation, routine and the freezing temperatures. Finding the right people to do the job proves to be one of our greatest challenges, but then again, we set the bar extremely high. What we are looking for are dependable, solution focused, skillful and self reliant team players. People you can trust your life to. For a crew to be effective, and for our operations to be successful, it is vital that everybody speaks the same language and that all on board adhere to shared safety standards.

Epitome of partnering

With a back to back crew and onshore team, we provide integrated marine service to the “De Kastri” oil terminal. We arrange safe mooring of the tanker to the SPM to export oil from the terminal. And in addition we also supervise a fleet of supporting vessels and perform additional tasks on behalf of our clients. It is the epitome of partnering.


For more information, please contact Evgeniy Malakhov – Managing & Commercial Director Europe

  • EMalakhov@smitlamnalco.com