SLIMS — One Company — One System

In order to achieve Our Purpose “To provide ‘best in class’ marine services” and Our Vision “To become the leading provider of safe and cost-effective, integrated midstream marine services in challenging environments”, Smit Lamnalco has implemented SLIMS (Smit Lamnalco Integrated Management System) across the entire company: One Company – One System.

SLIMS encompasses all activities we undertake and is applicable to all vessels regardless their size/tonnage as well as to all shore locations. SLIMS is integral to the company and is embraced by everyone within our organization.

'SLIMS logo'

Certified safety management system

SLIMS is fully aligned with the 12 elements of the OCIMF’s Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment (OVMSA) Guidelines. Our integrated safety management system has achieved full ISO 9001/14001 and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 Certification by classification society Bureau Veritas across the entire company and fleet. As the system complies with shipping legislation it is certified for ISM, ISPS and MLC2006 as well.

By adopting these standards Smit Lamnalco belongs to a select group of industry trendsetters, and speaks the same language as its clients.

Operational excellence

SLIMS provides us with a fundamental basis from which to strive for operational excellence — delivering the services that we promised to the full satisfaction of our customers in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Although SLIMS is fully aligned with the OVMSA Guidelines we have recognized specific client and local requirements. These requirements are ‘bridged’ for each contract by means of a SLIMS Bridging Plan.