Reliable and sustainable operations

Smit Lamnalco developed its own philosophy.

Projects need to be well prepared and tailored to local needs. Furthermore, the right team needs to be selected and, if required, trained for the job. At Smit Lamnalco we apply a long-term approach, we want to embed in the local surroundings and be part of the community. We are open to partner with local suppliers, industry bodies, port owners, operators and or set-up joint ventures with local companies. All to ensure a reliable and sustainable operation.

Tailored approach

Every operation is different, just as no client is the same. That is why at Smit Lamnalco we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, but instead tailor our services to the needs of specific project demands and company preferences.

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Experienced team

No matter the quality of our fleet, we rely on people to make it work. Without dedicated craftsmanship nothing gets done. To ensure operational continuity and improve on our performance, we work in permanent teams. One crew, one vessel: that is how we keep our experience on board.

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Local content

At Smit Lamnalco we hire where we operate. We are fully committed to employ local crew and staff, striving to work with 100% local content if possible. Localisation offers clear benefits, not only to our company and our clients, but also to surrounding communities and local capacity development.

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Safety is our first priority. As a service provider for the oil, gas and mining industry, we are full aware of the dangers of our trade and so we do everything in our power to bring safety standards to a higher level and prevent disaster from happening.

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Partnering to excel

Effective collaboration is the key to delivering the best performance. Especially in remote and challenging environments, you have to work together to get the job done. That is why we invest in solid partnerships. With our clients, subcontractors, local specialists and everyone involved.

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