At Smit Lamnalco we understand the behaviour of LNG. Indeed, we know exactly how to handle it.

We have one of the world’s most sophisticated support fleets at our disposal and are recognised for our capability to deliver customised solutions that meet the specific requirements of LNG/FSRU terminal operations. With experience, skill and knowledge we are committed to expanding our presence in this fast growing business.

LNG terminal

When it comes to LNG terminal support, it’s safe to say we’ve been around. With more than half a century of worldwide towage experience, we know everything there is to know about the berthing and un-berthing of LNG carriers. With a wide range of highly specialised Terminal Tugs and a dedicated well-trained crew, we deliver perfectly tailored solutions to LNG terminal operations in all possible conditions.

This is how we handle LNG


While working around gas, you have to work with care. It is a hazardous undertaking. A single mistake can quickly escalate into a catastrophic event. To make things work, you have to know the drill. And more importantly, you have to be alert all the time. Safety comes first. That is why our crew not only provides excellent marine support, they also bring expert safety training to the job.

Floating LNG

300 miles offshore, there is no easy way out. In order to run an uninterrupted operation you have to come prepared. With limited logistical support, you must think the whole operation out in advance. And that is where we excel. In close teamwork with our clients, we work out a Joint Plan of Operations, prior to operational commencement. Stick to it, and you have a blueprint for success.