Pollution control

Being part of the marine industry, it is upon us all to protect the environment we work in. Don’t waste your working space.

For one, that means that we do everything within our power to combat oil spills. Even if all safety and maintenance standards are in place, accidents can happen. Smit Lamnalco offers a range of pollution and oil spill response equipment to save the environment, just in case. Primarily using mechanical containment we capture and store spill until it can be disposed of properly.

Suited to control

The key to effective environmental emergency response is working with the right equipment. Based on many years of experience in dealing with oil spills, we know exactly what is needed to get the job done. Taking into account the specific type of oil and affecting factors, such as local wind and water conditions, we select the machines and materials best suited to control the situation and prevent damage to shorelines and wildlife.

Integrated spill response assets

Smit Lamnalco’s vessels are designed for effective response. Many of our tugs are equipped with oil dispersant systems, typically extending spraying booms, and our larger vessels come with integrated recovered oil tanks (50m3 – 100m3) which can be used in conjunction with an oil skimmer to recover and store sea surface contamination. Depending on our client’s requirements, we can incorporate additional ‘environmental response assets’ into our operational plan, such as:

  • Containing booms
  • Boom towing daughter craft
  • Containerised oil skimmers
  • Containerised pumping systems

Qualified crew

Our crews are trained to protect the environment. As first responders, they are well aware of their responsibility and they know how to act accordingly. Highly qualified and well experienced in spill control and recovery techniques, they are standing by to respond 24/7. At any given moment our crew is ready to set up floating booms, spray dispersants, pump out remaining fuel, transfer hazardous materials to recycling centres, clean the water surface with skimmers and treat the pollution in settling tanks.