Craftsmanship, dedication and teamwork

Our promise is to provide the best marine services possible. No matter how challenging the environment or how remote the location, our crews are dedicated to deliver.

With craftsmanship, experience, ownership and teamwork they make a vital contribution to our clients’ success. With good reason, at Smit Lamnalco we are convinced that people make the difference.

  • Teamwork

    Diversity is our strength, locally and globally. Drawing from different backgrounds and nationalities, we are one team working towards the same goal.

  • Dedication

    We are determined to make the operation work. With professional attention for detail and personal perseverance we get any job done.

  • Local content

    We hire where we operate. Working with local crews and service providers, we ensure operational knowledge and advantage in any part of the world.


Just as we rely on our crews to deliver excellent marine services, they can rely on us to provide optimal working and living conditions. Far away from shore, we create a second home at sea.

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Onshore staff

Our success at sea is determined by our performance on land. For planning, crew support, maintenance and more, we rely on expert assistance and dependable support. Promoting an active transfer policy we gain experience and quality at all levels of our operations.

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Running safe and smooth terminal & harbour operations requires skill and practice, and just for that we provide exhaustive training programs, from onboard command assessments to advanced simulator trainings.

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