Worldwide dedication

Smit Lamnalco contracts a worldwide crew pool of more than 2000 seafarers.

Depending on the type and conditions of our operations and the requirements of our clients, we employ both local and international operating crews. And as our fleet and operating conditions are extremely diverse, so is the skill set and competence level of our people.

Same crew, same vessel

Our crews are the most important aspect of our operations. To create vessel ownership and increase responsibility of all crewmembers, it is Smit Lamnalco’s policy to rotate the same crew to the same vessel. By doing so, we ensure the build-up of relevant on board expertise and operational knowledge. The composition of our crews is determined by the vessel type and generally consists of a Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, AB’s and a Cook.

Comfortable conditions

Safety, skill and teamwork are critical factors on board. Out in the water, the succes of Smit Lamnalco is in the hands of the Master and his crew, as they deliver our marine services on spot. To honour and accommodate our crews, we ensure safe and comfortable on board living conditions.