Over five decades in the terminal business, at Smit Lamnalco we have oil running through our veins.

Established in 1963 to support oil exports from the Middle East, today we successfully operate more than 30 terminals around the globe. With a dedicated fleet of customised tugs and an experienced and dedicated crew, Smit Lamnalco delivers safe and reliable oil operations anywhere, any time.

Oil terminal

We deliver according to plan. Smit Lamnalco specialises in high quality marine support packages for oil terminals worldwide and supplies customised Terminal Tugs that meet the demands of any location, whether operating alongside protected jetties or in open water. In close cooperation with our clients, and relying on the vast experience of our project engineers and crews, we provide safe, reliable and profitable terminal solutions.

Watch us berth and un-berth a tanker

Single Point Mooring

Tailored and fit for purpose to the scope of work, Smit Lamnalco provides highly efficient and cost-effective marine support to operators of SPM terminals all over the world. Smit Lamnalco offers turnkey services including buoy maintenance, hose handling, pollution control and advanced SPM IMCA-compliant diving assistance. With over 50 years of sector experience, we are fit for any job.

See our SPM specialists in action

Floating Production

Smit Lamnalco sails a modern FPSO/FSO marine support fleet. Over the years, we have carved out an international reputation for designing and operating vessels that are built to meet the specific demands of any offshore FPSO/FSO facility. No matter how remote, our well-trained crew provides first class services in all theatres of the floating operation.