Emergency situations

In case of emergency you have to act fast. At Smit Lamnalco we are ready to go, always!

Just as our crews are trained and tested for emergency situations, our vessels are equipped with firefighting and oil spill response equipment.

Sufficient height and outreach

Most of our vessels are fitted with Fire-Fighting Class 1-systems (Fi-Fi). These powerful water monitors can discharge up to 2400 m³ of water per hour to support the firefighting or provide cooling and create safe zones on or near the installation or a tanker. Our systems can use a mixture of water and foam and have sufficient height and outreach to make water curtains and safety corridors.

We know the drill

As our vessels are subject to routine maintenance and periodic testing, our crew regularly participates in on-ship drills and real life exercises. By training our people in the use and timely deployment of our firefighting safety equipment, we ensure our vessels and crews are always ready to respond to an emergency. When it comes to emergency response, trust us, we know the drill.