Traffic monitoring

Proficient traffic monitoring ensures vessel and installation safety. That’s why modern, high volume ports work with vessel traffic management systems to map and process vessel calls and movements within their waters.

At Smit Lamnalco we can provide both the system and the specialists to operate it as an integrated service to our client. Alternatively, we can utilise a pre-installed, client-owned vessel traffic system to run an integrated port management operation.

Skilled specialists

Our tug schedulers are trained and skilled specialists with abundant local port knowledge and a deep understanding of shipping. They have all successfully completed a 6-8 week theoretical course on the complexities of vessel traffic management and tug scheduling, and every single one of them has learned the ropes through extensive training on the job.

Control centre

A good example of our vessel management expertise can be found in the ports of Gladstone and Brisbane, where we run the SLTA scheduling department. With a team of five Smit Lamnalco colleagues, working around the clock in two 12-hours shifts, we monitor and control all marine traffic in and around the port. In our tug management control centre we use shore-based systems to:

  • Maintain communications with tugs manoeuvring ships through the port
  • Maintain 24/7 VHF radio contact
  • Maintain a 24/7 crewed emergency standby tug for 3 LNG plants
  • Maintain the integrity of shipping schedules
  • Strategically plan tug movements
  • Run an effective tug scheduling tool for local conditions
  • Ensure compliance with relevant statutory requirements (Marine Radio)
  • Enhance navigational safety by exchanging information with tug crews
  • Maximise customer satisfaction with the services provided

Communication tools

From our scheduling department we also liaise with individual tugs. We provide simple information, issue weather and safety warnings and detail the position of other vessels using:

  • VHF
  • Mobile Phone / SMS
  • Internal Domestic Radio
  • Email (also for non-scheduling purposes)
  • AIS
  • Privately developed scheduling tools