Skills and routines

Smit Lamnalco provides first class marine services to oil and gas terminals all over the world.

Mostly on the export side, often in the middle of nowhere. Running a smooth operation in remote locations requires skills and routines. We invest in both, as we recruit and train (local) marine talent and work together with governing bodies to set technical and operational industry standards.

Tailored training

Since the quality of our crew is crucial for the success of our operations, we go to great lengths to make sure we have the best people working for us. Following an extensive selection procedure, aspirant crewmembers go through a rigorous training process at Smit Lamnalco. In three two-month periods, we introduce them to all the tricks of our trade. We offer project level familiarisation programs, facilitate company inductions and arrange for internships on board. If needed, we tailor additional training to our clients’ specific request.
To guarantee the quality of our services, our crews are subject to periodical command assessments and continuous further schooling. For example, our simulator trained tug masters are required to return to our Singapore training facility every second year to check up on their skills.

Win-win philosophy

At Smit Lamnalco we firmly believe that ownership encourages responsibility. If it is your show, you want to run it best. To stimulate ownership and build on our operational experience, our vessels are manned with a permanent crew, a fixed team assigned to a fixed contract. It is a win-win philosophy. Our work approach ensures operational continuity and performance improvement, and at the same time appeals to the people working for us. It is not by chance that Smit Lamnalco has one of the lowest crew turnovers in the industry.