Operational advantage

Working with local content is like playing a home match abroad.

By employing talents that are familiar with national rules and regulations and know the local conditions like the back of their hands, we secure an operational advantage. Through the years, we have experienced it is worth every effort to recruit locally and educate our personnel on the spot. Even in the most complex environments, our approach has proven to be very successful. Whether it is Africa, the Middle East or Australia, the combination of local expertise and international experience always pays out.

Long-term strategy

When we start a project in a new country, we do so with the intention to stay there for many years, well beyond the duration of our initial contract. Instead of going for a quick win, we follow a long-term strategy and make substantial investments in our newfound work environment. From the establishment of new training facilities to supporting local initiatives and building modern infrastructures, we make every effort to embed our company in the local society and ensure that our operation brings jobs and prosperity to the communities in which we operate.

Respect and reciprocity

Building lasting relationships is a certain way to ensure long-term success. We do so by working closely together, both with our clients and with local employees, suppliers and service providers, some of whom have been with us for more than 20 years. We also try to make a positive impact by supporting the local society, with materials and services that are really needed. School supplies, drinking water, electricity, ambulance services, anything to build a strong bond of respect and reciprocity.