Operational understanding

Operational success is the result of operational understanding. That’s why we don’t just dive in, but rather take a methodological approach.

Before we sail out for an assignment, we want to know exactly what we’re up against. Only after determining the needed services, evaluating the local conditions and putting together a feasible work plan, we can make our people and fleet fit for purpose and deliver on promise.

Complimentary consultancy services

Working side by side with its clients, Smit Lamnalco provides a wide range of complimentary consultancy services. In addition to supplying assets best suited for the operation, we have a highly experienced team of marine professionals dedicated to support with:

  • Project feasibility studies
  • Terminal configuration studies
  • MetOcean data analysis
  • Training in (operational) simulators
  • Vessel specification (determining technical project requirements)
  • Systems and procedure development (for new and existing operations)
  • Vessel modifications (to improve efficiency and/or deliver additional services)
  • Emergency response
  • Command assessment and training requirements
  • Operational efficiency reviews (during contract execution)

Free of charge

Typically, we work with our clients throughout the entire project lifetime. From the early start, to project execution and close out; we provide added value all the way. If the overall project is awarded to Smit Lamnalco, our marine consultancy comes free of charge, as we consider the exchange of information crucial for a working client-contractor relationship. Where non-contracted parties seek our expert advice, Smit Lamnalco can provide qualitative data on highly efficient terms.