Shared value

Investing in local communities is important to us, both in maintaining and optimising our social license to operate and in creating durable shared value.

We seek sustainable growth, and apply a long-term approach. Our operations in Ghana, Nigeria, Australia and Oman for example, date back more than 20 years.

Local content

It is our aim to hire locally and maximise our local content. We provide training and career opportunities to local workers and if possible, we purchase our goods and services from local suppliers.

Local support

Investing in local communities entails more than providing fair employment and good working conditions. We actively invest in good relations by supplying goods and services to the local community. Among many things, we provide electricity,  drinking water and support school supplies.

Environmental responsibility

For the benefit of the environment, our workers and local communities, we embrace a responsible and durable work approach. Simply following nationally and internationally imposed rules and regulations just isn’t enough, instead we choose to take the lead and actively contribute to better safety standards. Our people are well-trained to prevent disasters from happening, and in the case of an emergency they know exactly how act. In addition, most of our vessels are fitted with state-of-the-art firefighting, pollution and oil spill response equipment, such as powerful water monitors, oil dispersant systems, containing booms and containerised pumps. Depending on our client’s requirements, we can also incorporate additional ‘environmental response assets’ into our operational plan.